What is Wheat Germ?

Wheat Germ is the most nutritious portion of the wheat kernel and features only 2.5 % of its weight. In fact, it is the vital embryo of every single grain of wheat, and is responsible for the seed to further germinate to form the sprout that grows up to green wheat grass. Wheat germ can also be consumed separately from the rest of the wheat stalk, besides being added to a variety of other foods to boost the nutritional value. Rice, Potatoes and even Maize can cause obesity and also block blood vessels if taken beyond a limit every day. But aren’t these the basic necessities of daily lives? So, what do you do? Switch to Wheat germ!

Nutrition Of Wheat Germ

The germ of cereal is its core part which germinates to reproduce the plant. Similarly, Wheat Germ is the germ of Wheat, forming around 2.5% of the total weight. Wheat Germ is the most nutritious portion of the wheat. In fact, it is the vital embryo of every single grain of wheat and is responsible for the seed to further germinate to form the sprout that grows up to green wheat grass.

Consumption of Wheat Germ In Daily Lives

It is perhaps well-known now that Wheat Germ has many nutritional benefits. But where do you buy it from? Wheat Germ is different from Wheat Flour, and needs to be taken in its raw form. You either have to source it directly from the farm or go to recognized dealerships of wheat germ. Many supermarkets do not stock wheat germ, but some large grocery stores - store it in the respective cereal sections.

Why Should You Eat Wheat Germ Everyday?

A lot is being written and spoken about the intake ofWheat Germ recently. Awareness has spread on the advantages of this seed part of the Wheat Grain, which unfortunately has been unutilized owing to the laying away of the bran and germ parts. This has been done to facilitate to storing of flour for a longer period of time by modern companies. Actually, Wheat germ can be a healthy addition to a diet as it is packed with important vitamins such as folate, thiamine, and vitamin B6.

How Wheat Germ Benefits for Your Health?

An increasing number of people across the world are paying attention to the food they take. This is coupled with the fact that an alarming number of the young-to-middle aged population in the world are obese now. Of course, a lot of talk is going on, to stick to naturally grown food and stay away from man-made delicacies such as Sauce, Mayonnaise and definitely burgers! But did you know, not even all naturally grown good is healthy for the body.

All you need to know about Wheat Bran

The increased use of processed as well as junk foods has led to a rise in health concerns for urban dwellers across the world. People have started to understand the values of natural vegetarian food, and high protein food. Ironically, all of the modern medicines and so called health-supplements feature contents that are readily available in nature. One such ingredient that many easily ignore, but has numerous health benefits is Wheat Bran.

Difference between wheat bran and wheat germ?

People are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits or rather the necessity of natural vegetarian food for healthy lives. Also, the presence of protein in our daily diet has gained much importance owing to the poor nutrition levels and lesser exposure to fresh air in the modern lifestyles. Nevertheless, it has become a norm to needlessly spend fortunes on artificial protein supplements, when you can easily get it from Mother Nature. How? Try products of Wheat Brand and Wheat Germ! Both of them are high protein vegetarian food.

Why Sooji Is The Best 'Healthy Breakfast' ?

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. A healthy breakfast is mandatory for our health and weight management, it satisfies your appetite and keeps you energetic for the entire day. The proper morning meal is necessary, not only for the body but also for our brain. It improves your productivity and concentration throughout the day. Regardless of these facts we usually fail to maintain this healthy habit due to our busy mornings. Skipping the breakfast can cause brain and muscle dysfunction and leads to weight gain.

Wheat germ Best Natural Weight Loss Food

It is commonly known that whole grain is a good source of energy and important for weight loss too. Wheat germ is one of the three parts of whole grains. In fact, it is most vitamin and mineral-rich part of the wheat kernel. Wheat germ is also rich in fibers. These properties make it the best natural weight loss food.

Wheat Germ For Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, It is important to get the right amount of calories, Vitamins & mineral in her diet. Proper nutrition is mandatory for good health of expecting the mother and prenatal baby. Yet eating enough quantity food becomes a hassle for ladies who’re are facing nausea during the pregnancy. In this case, having natural and high nutritious food can help her to meet prenatal health needs. Adding wheat germ to your diet can help you in both the ways of taste and nutrition.