Frequently Asked Questions

1] Are FOODThink products good for diabetics?

All our products are great for diabetics. Our products contain 0% sugar and are high in fiber which means they have a low glycemic index.

2] What is difference between wheat wran & wheat germ?

The difference between wheat bran and wheat germ is that they are derived from different parts of the wheat grain. Wheat bran is the outer shell of the wheat kernel whereas wheat germ is the embryo from where the seed ‘germ’inates.

3] What is semolina?

Semolina refers to wheat middlings popularly known as sooji or rawa. It is manufactured during the milling process or wheat.

4] Is roasted semolina healthy for weight loss?

Semolina is a wholesome food that has a low glycemic index and is very rich in fiber. It leaves you with a feeling of being full and hence prevents overeating which aids in weight loss.

5] Does wheat bran help for weight loss?

Bran is pure fiber that also has a high iron content. It is not only a great supplement for weight loss but also maintains a healthy balance in the digestive ecosystem.

6] Is wheat germ a good source of protein?

Wheat germ is a very good source of natural protein. 100g of wheat germ contains between 25-35 g of protein

7] What is gluten free and is it right for me?

Gluten is a kind of protein found in wheat and other grains. Gluten free is meant for people who have celiac disease or intolerant towards gluten. If you are not intolerant and still opt for gluten free, you may miss out on a whole gamut of nutrients that grains such as wheat have to offer while substituting it with starchy or carbohydrate rich foods.

8] Where can i buy FOODThink products?

FOODThink products are currently available offline in Pune only at your nearest Godrej nature’s Basket or Dorabjee’s store and also in Sind’s shop in Poona Club and Arradhya on Dhole Patil Road.

FOODThink products are available online on our website at as well as on for pan India delivery.